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Why BubbleCow for Book Editing?

Our book editing service is designed specifically for self-publishing writers.

We've been editing books this since 2007, and we understand what you (and your book) need, your budget constraints and how to make your book the best it can be.

Our book editing service has been designed from the ground up with self-publishing writers in mind.

We started by looking at the type of book editing feedback an agent or publisher would have traditionally provided for published writers and taken it further.

We not only provide developmental book editing (this fixes plot holes), but also line editing (this fixes sentence-level problems), all in one package and for one affordable price.

Your book edit will provide the guidance you need to lift your book to the next level and move it one step closer to publication.

We'll show you what's wrong with your book, how to fix it, and explain how to avoid the same mistakes with your next book.

We'll be here before, during and long after your book edit has been completed; always ready to offer the advice and guidance you need.

If your book is ready and you're looking for an honest, unflinching advice, then our book editing service is perfect for you and your book.

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Ramona Flightner

“The entire book editing service was simply extraordinary. The book editor’s report was very detailed, encouraging me to think about my novel in new ways and challenging me to improve my story. I'll use BubbleCow for my next novel.”

Banished Saga

Joshua Dobbs

“Book editing was a very painless process, I would recommend the Bubblecow to any writer looking to save the headache of working any other book editing service. Great value for money. I'll be using them again.”

Solo Elite

David Papini

“The most professional and personal book editing service I have ever used for my novels. I had the real feeling of 'being read', not just edited. To date, definitively the best cost to benefit ratio in book editing services.”

The Taste of Emotions

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The BubbleCow Story

Self-publishing can be confusing and a little off-putting, but we can help. We provide a complete and affordable book editing service, that will lift your book to a publishable standard.

We've been helping writers since 2007 and can promise that we will make the book editing process both professional and enjoyable.

In 2007, Caroline and Gary Smailes teamed up to start a book editing company that would provide the high quality ‘publisher’ standard book editing that writers needed to lift their book to the highest level.

Seeing that many freelance book editors were charging per book, they developed a much fairer ‘cost per word’ price structure and BubbleCow was born.

BubbleCow is one of the leading book editing companies and serves self-published writers from all around the world. We have edited more than 1000 books and played a small part in hundreds of writers achieving their dreams. Plus, our prices for developmental book editing remain at a level that is afforable to writers.

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